Book Review: “Back To Your Love” by Kianna Alexander (TDT Series)

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“Imani willed her hands to stop shaking with everything in her. She couldn’t believe they’d run into Aaron Givens here. Her short encounter with his wife had been difficult enough to get through, but seeing him was almost impossible to take. And sitting here with Xavier, the timing was the worst it could have possibly ever been. Knowing Xavier had been watching while Givens gawked at her with those greedy, lascivious eyes—-it was something she never wanted to experience again.”

Back To Your Love, 2017 (a Brothers of TDT [Theta Delta Theta] novel)

The scenario just couldn’t be more perfect: two college reunions built into a down-South, summertime wedding and sparks fly instantly when two former sweethearts, Xavier Whitted and Imani Grant, take part in the festivities. Apart since high school from his first love, now-community activist Whitted can’t wait to reconnect with Grant, now a doctor with a growing private practice. Both of them are available and despite Grant’s initial misgivings, the attraction is still red-hot. So what could possibly go wrong?

Unfortunately, everything.

Imani’s reluctance to rekindle the flame has less to do with their painful teenage breakup and more to do with a traumatizing episode in her past, one that could jeopardize her present career and the political aspirations Xavier is on a mission to create. The more Xavier pursues Imani, the more his focus level drops and Imani’s attempts to stall the inevitable only fuels the passions they share. As they become closer, however, aspects of their personal lives intertwine and publicly clash in ways that neither Imani and Xavier can anticipate. Can their chemistry and affections ultimately culminate in the love they both want, or will the doctor and businessman get burned by shrapnel when it all falls down?

Back To Your Love is the promising debut of the latest series by NC-based novelist Kianna Alexander. An author of both historical and contemporary romances, Alexander certainly has the skills to create characters and storylines that readers connect with and relate to. This latest novel also closes with a preview chapter focusing on Xavier’s fellow TDT buddy, Bryan, and a possible liaison with Alexis, the baby sister of frat brother Maxell. Here’s hoping that the remaining bachelors find women just as challenging and successful as they are. Recommended.

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