Chocolate, Tea & Realness Served HOT…..

“I’m not a fool, and I’m not a scientist….but I know some THINGS.”    🙂

Just like #BlackLives, my pen game matters: Read on and relate as this Generation X-era wife, mother and journalist tackles love and life, going in about parenting, social trends, relationships and sharing celebrity interviews , as well as articles about politics, womanism, public figures and other issues near and dear to the progressives-minded and people of color (some under my established byline and other monikers like ‘Melody Charles’ and ‘LeLe Symone’).

With over ten years of access and experience, I’ve covered dozens of your favorite artists, authors and entertainers and specialize in urban entertainment and commentary. So digest, discuss and disperse it with your peeps, because this ‘hot chocolate’  (and occasional tea) content is light on calories, heavy on substance and will have you back time and again for just one more taste……