Niobia Bryant’s “The Pleasure Trap,” The MOC Preview/Knowshi Book Review Link

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raining money

…….Cover to cover, Bryant lays out delectable detail about a young man’s struggles with his parents’ divorce, his father’s freak-show-level philandering and his mother’s attendance at the wrong church all leading up to the teen becoming an in-demand male entertainer who uses sex appeal to mask his insecurities and inner demons.

Blessed (and cursed) to be the carbon copy of his tall, dark, handsome father Tylar, Graham learned all-too-early—-and from one of his father’s girlfriends at that—-how appealing he was to the opposite sex and what to do to exploit those carnal gifts to his advantage. Instead of graduating high school and pursuing paths that his intellect is well-suited for, Graham works menial jobs until he encounters Joy, a lawyer who moves him into her plush condo and keeps him high as a kite and sexing her other hedonistic friends for cash to pay room and board.

When Graham’s addiction nearly kills him, he flees back home, gets clean and decided to parlay his ‘Midas Touch’ with the ladies into real gold (read, cash money) by becoming a stripper, taking the name his pimp of an ex game him—-Pleasure—-and claiming it for his own as he finally controls who he gets naked for and sleeps with. But just as he becomes rich and famous, falls in love and starts therapy, a masked and disturbed woman tracks him down, breaks into his home and tortures him by threatening everything that Graham worked so hard to achieve. Will he discover who this unhinged assailant is…….before it’s too late? (click here for the full-length book review at

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