Receipts, Karma & The Married Side Chick

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Just a couple of months ago, Eniko Parrish thought she was winning in the literal game of “Life.” Several years back, the Baltimore native, who relocated to Los Angeles to launch a modeling career, quickly caught the interest, and affections of, rising actor and comedian Kevin Hart. After a two-year engagement, Hart and Parrish tied the knot in Aug. 2016: before dozens of celebrity friends and family members, Parrish stood resplendent in her Vera Wang-designed wedding gown, exchanged jewel-laden rings with the crisply-tuxedoed groom and looked forward to living, as Sheila E., famously sang, ‘the glamourous life.’

But with red-hot fame comes the hard and cold public scrutiny, and to a lot of observers, Hollywood’s latest ‘it’ couple weren’t the ‘relationship goals’-type they wanted people to believe. Underground rumblings about Hart’s infidelities started bubbling to the surface, thanks to Parrish’s seemingly sweet Instagram post; “I’m Grateful to God everyday for putting us together (sic). When it’s real, no love/bond can ever be faked nor broken…… I love you more everyday. 8 years together..1 year married..Forever to go! #HartilyYours
When a follower pointed out that Hart only got divorced six years ago and that “you may not want to flaunt how long you guys have been together because that just fuels the rumors of you being a mistress,” Eniko should have left it right there.  Because the truth is, according to numbers, she was indeed the mistress. But instead, Parrish poured kerosene on the fire, dragging Kevin’s ex-wife and the mother of her stepchildren, Torrei Hart, into the fray; “….Those rumors were spread from her [Torrei] years ago. Bc she wanted to play the victim…..knowing damn well there [were] way other women during their marriage….but I never wrecked any home.”

Wow Eniko, really? The two became a couple in 2009, yet he and his wife Torrei weren’t divorced until 2011……that fact alone certainly makes her a ‘homewrecker.’ And while Parrish is sporting finger bling and a ‘baby bump,’ so did Torrei. How did that end up working out?
Well….. flashing forward to the present, as Eniko’s famous spouse is being interviewed by law enforcement and apologizing to all for, ahem, an alleged extortion plot connected to new infidelity with a woman other than his wife, it seems that what goes around comes around. Just as Parrish felt that the ‘better’ woman ‘won,’ Karma has shown up proclaiming Rep. Maxine Water’s now-famous catchphrase—-‘reclaiming my time.’

I’ve got to keep it real: I interviewed Kevin Hart once, but I don’t personally know the guy. Nor do I know Torrei or Eniko. But I do know something about marriage. Two adults entering a union as single people, with their own mismatched set of relationship luggage, is enough work. Imagine what a hot mess overlooked wedding vows and consequential fuzzy math will create.

According to People magazine, the Harts have vowed to reconcile. Kevin has addressed his ‘bad error in judgment,’ asked for the forgiveness of his ‘rib’ and the two are anticipating the birth of their son. Instead of sappy #HartilyYours posts or shade-casting the former Mrs. Hart, Eniko’s latest Instagram posts are focusing on pregnancy and fitness, something she should have concentrated on to begin with rather than attempting to slyly diss Kevin’s ex.

Perhaps, as their family grows and she’s exposed to more of what marriage requires and entails, Parrish will come to realize a couple of well-known truths; one, ‘when someone shows you who they are, believe them.’ ‘What a man will do with you, he’ll do to you.’

And the most important point? When a man moves the ‘side-chick’ to the ‘main’ position…..that ‘side’ spot is now an ‘open’ position.

A real ‘bond’ huh? Still ‘winning’?

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