Back For the First Time: Stokley’s Solo Moves

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For some, it’s a surprise; for others, it’s been a long time coming. Super group Mint Condition’s lead singer, Stokley, is stepping into the spotlight all on his own with his solo debut, Introducing…..Stokley.

Slated for a June 23rd release, Introducing… a project that will display new dimensions, but one that’s been in the making for years and has already scored a well-received mid-tempo single, “Level”. A summer tour is in the planning stages and Stokley’s in promo mode, granting Knowshi a behind-the-scenes glimpse into his motivation, his collaborators and where he stands with MC:

KNOWSHI: Why now for your solo debut Stokley? Why have you not done it before, in the tradition of other well-known frontmen from other groups?

STOKLEY: “Like everyone else, you do one thing for so long and you just want to experience whatever else life has to offer. You try to make the time and space while you have the energy to do that, just to have some life enrichment things, whatever it may be. It’s just something I’ve always wanted to do.

What’s been different [timing-wise] is that most people go solo earlier in their careers. Very early. In groups from the 70s, for example, the cost of doing business broke a lot of them up. Mint Condition is a moderately-sized group, but back in the day, outfits with the horns like Chicago, EWF, Cameo….that’s twelve and thirteen people in there. So how can you really sustain yourself, know what I mean?
It can be hard, but we when we first set out on the path to perform, we all took our cues from the past and decided that everyone would contribute and participate, especially in the receipts [chuckles].”

KNOWSHI: Good point, a lot of our best bands did implode and catch cases over money.

STOKLEY: “Some people did get killed over money man; it just gets to be where artistic control and differences clash and somebody’s had enough. From what I’ve studied and musicians I’ve spoken to, it’s been interesting to learn from that.
Another reason it’s taken so long is that I’ve been enjoying my family, the brothers, there’s nothing better than that. It’s been an amazing journey and experience we’ve been having. I felt it necessary for us to exist in the musical world the way that we have and now it’s time for some different.”

KNOWSHI: So you will get back with Mint Condition one day….sooner or later?

STOKLEY: “I would hope, at some point…..(click here for the full interview at

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