On “Level” With Stokley Williams

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(March 18, 2017) With’ debut solo project , Introducing, still being months away from release, the album’s newly-available single [via iTunes], “Level,” is helping to create an even-bigger buzz. With a music video on the way and live shows anticipated this summer, Williams wanted to give ST fans an exclusive glimpse into where he’s taking his sound.

“Introducing tells the story of a guy who’s spent time in his early beginnings at the back of the stage, then moved to the front of the stage for the last 25 years. I’m bringing all of that experience together.” Williams shared during a recent phone interview from his home base of St. Paul, MN. “The players, from Estelle, Robert Glasper, Wale and the others, were hand-picked from the heart. We were all gelling from the creative vibrations I got from them as a musicians and together, we created a different energy. They create a different energy and we all had a good time making it.”

As for the radio-ready debut single, “Level,” Williams revealed that its selection was practically a no-brainer. “I actually had another single in mind, for an easier transition from [the sound of] Mint Condition to what I’m doing now. But when I played ‘Level’ I kept getting the same reaction; people who heard it told me that they couldn’t just listen to it one time. I mean, they were playing it at least three and four times in a row, back to back, so it seemed pretty obvious to me. I hate to liken it to a drug, but music could be the healthiest one for you and ‘Level’ is organic, so it gives you the best kind of ‘high.'”

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