Mary J. Blige: Drama, Divorcing & “The Strength of a Woman”

| April 28, 2017 | Reply

…..Throughout the set’s tracks, MJB is running the emotional gauntlet –there’s betrayal, heartbreak, fury and yes, even a healthy dose of petty when she reminds listeners, and her soon-to-be ex, that she’s rocking “Queen” title for a reason. If folks thought she bared her soul with that first single, “Thick of It,” their ears will catch afire when they hear Mary flay the man on the seething manifesto, “Set Me Free”; “Tell me how you figure that you made me and you gave me what I had before I met you and gon’ have it you’re gone/And how you fix your mouth to say I owe you when you had another [expletive] and taking trips and [expletive] with my money for so long? You must have lost it…..”

“Glow Up,” featuring Missy Elliott, Quavo and DJ Khaled, is all flex and fiyah, with Blige proclaiming to all that she’s a ‘dime’ and will continue to move on up as folks move out and away from the throne. Before any dirt gets brushed from her shoulders, however, fans get chapter and verse from the Book of Mary on self-esteem thanks to the invigorating “Love Yourself,” a track reminiscent of “Grown Woman” delivered in half singing and half chanting and enhanced by a blistering cameo from Kanye West; “I know it hurts, but I made it work/cuz’ I’m no beginner I’m a winner/paid my dues and I know my purpose.”

Is Strength only about gnashing of the teeth, broken windshields, tears in the bubbly and swearing off men forever? Nah. Mary is encouraging and empowered…..(please click here for the full review at

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